Brillite Fluorescent Coated Sign Tubing

The Rare Earth Advantage: Halophosphate Whites Versus Rare Earth Tri-phosphor Whites

The primary mission of all signage is to communicate. Your skill, creativity, and resources are all focused on one thing... communication. But today's world moves fast. Competition for attention is fierce. And how can you communicate unless you first get noticed? Give your creations their best chance of accomplishing their mission by using rare earth neon tubing from FMS.

FMS's complete line of eye-catching rare earth colors and high output tri-band whites offer you the tools you need to get the job done. Deep, vivid colors cut through the clutter and allow you to stand out in the crowd.

The superior performance of FMS Architectural Series whites helps maintain the effectiveness of your internally illuminated cabinets and channel letters longer than ever before. Architectural Series Tri-Band whites offer greater initial lumen output and better lumen maintenance over time when compared to conventional white fluorescent tubing.

FMS rare earth colors yield the deep, saturated colors you need for increased visibility and attention. Furthermore, FMS rare earth colors behind plastic faces yield the rich, intense hues that get you noticed. And that's what its all about.

Comparison Of Lumen Output As Measured
Through Letter Face

White Fascia
Lumen Comparison White Fascia
Blue Fascia
Lumen Comparison Blue Fascia
Green Fascia
Lumen Comparison Green Fascia
Orange Fascia
Lumen Comparison Orange Fascia
Yellow Fascia
Lumen Comparison Yellow Fascia
Turquoise Fascia
Lumen Comparison Turquoise Fascia

Dramatically increase lumen output, color saturation and lumen maintenance with FMS rare earth colors and tri-phosphor whites! Significantly greater direct lumen output, plus better lumen output through the face on channel letters!

When your goal is to produce channel letters that are the most intense and vibrant possible, the amount of light your fluorescent tubes produce is only part of the equation. More important is how much of that light is actually allowed to pass through the letter face. Choose the wrong tubing color and much of its lumen output remains trapped inside the letter. The right choice produces plenty of light in a wavelength that is compatible with the letter face and allowed to pass through. Everything else is wasted. Make sure you select the Brillite color that makes your channel letters look their best.

Not Just Any Light... The Right Light!

Standard Color
Rare Earth Color
White FMS 6500 Snow White BL6500 TC White
Blue FMS 6500 Snow White or
FMS 8300 Brite White
BL51 Rich Blue
Orange BL3000 HO White BL3000 TC White
Yellow BL3000 HO White or
FMS 6500 Snow White
BL3000 TC White
Turquoise BL54 Turquoise BL32 Aquamarine
Red Clear Red None
Green BL33 Green BL34 Mint Green

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Channel letters illuminated with conventional or \'halophosphor\' coated tubes

Channel letters illuminated with conventional or 'halophosphor' coated tubes

Channel letters illuminated with FMS \'rare earth\' phosphor coated tubes.

Channel letters illuminated with FMS 'rare earth' phosphor coated tubes.